Horsin’ Around 021: dOP


‘Everything is about charisma.. If you look at me – you will love me’.

Extravagant, outrageous and a bearly-under-control live set have awarded dOP top 10 spots in the ‘Best live act’ 3 years running. While they may be taking the piss out of playing as well as having a heap of fun, they’re tunes are dead serious. Breaking the current (and very stern) trend of removing all lyrics from music, dOP do the opposite. They thrive in vocal-tinged tech house, jazzy deep house and wonky minimal.

Packing a micro studio live set up normally comprised of a Midas Venice, Moog Voyager, Korg MS and a microphone the base of their music is structured. But the way they play is always improvised. “It’s like playing jazz—you know the song, but you can do a lot of things within it. The base is there to create new things on top of it. Whatever happens, happens.” dOP take the rulebook of what the benchmark of what a live set and club music should be, sweat all over it and take off their shirts after. They also literally have their own rule book too:

“The rules are: Never be on stage sober; never go into a club if you don’t play; never travel with low costs….and also never play with low costs; never play techno without speakers; and always play the keyboard standing up.”

It’s more of a theater show more then anything else!

Originally coming together in a French bromance, Damien Vandesande, Clément Aichelbaum and Jonathan Illel had their first release on Minormodern Records, ‘No Passport‘ in 2007.

Over the next 3 years, the trio surmounted a catalogue of no less then 20 releases across Dirt Crew Recordings, Watergate Records and their very own label, Circus Company before a ‘Greatest Hits‘ album. It may have taken others a 10 year span of releases to reach this point, dOP have done so without a huge

And the daunting ‘Happy Meal’ track. Musically, it sounds like something adapted for a movie but it’s pretty hard not to be taken back by the cannibalistic lyrics and a ghoulishly burlesque aspect.

Continuing to churn out releases over the next few years with a touch of sleazy French steeze, their live show caught the eye of Boiler Room. Hosting the famed swimming pools’ changing room, dOP introduced the world to their 4th staple member of the group – Belvedere Vodka. Yes they make the rules and stick them too!

Having previously piloted The Abercrombie terrace in a manic and sweaty funkadelec frenzy, driven by bottles of Russian courage, amongst a cloud of B&H Smooth cigarette smoke, we can say it was easily the wildest set we’ve seen!


dOP will be doing similar damage this time around to the Terrace at The Greenwood on Sunday the 6th of December. There’s a million good reasons why they have been voted one of the best live acts and at very least 1 good reason see why!

Full event HERE