Horsin’ Around 022: Rainer


The world has jazz to thank for much of musics growth to this point. Stirring images of men in leather caps blowing down trumpets and saxophones in smokey bars, Jazz would eventually lead to the birth of funk, soul, disco and in turn – house. And while many cite jazz a primary influence, few manage to infuse it as well as well as he does.

In a glorious merger of dubby beats and forward thinking melodic techno glittered with the colours of jazz has secured him releases on quality over quantity labels; Desolate, Half Baked Records and Serialism Records.

‘It is all about melting the organic with the electronic, and making a good smooth combination that when it is mixed with good drum rhythms you can allow people to drift away and travel with the sound.’

This seductive minimal groove with a twist secured him residency at one of the UK’s institutions – Half Baked. A staple part of every electronic music lover’s diary, Sunday afternoon partying has become as essential as Saturday night. Half Baked hold their parties in spaces exclusive to them, taking what might otherwise be just another warehouse or open space and adding the Half Baked touch to their venues; always with raw industrial style, causing an atmosphere of a less-than-legal venue.


Most recently, locking in a residency at Barcelona’s ‘LOUD‘on Wednesday nights. Working with such key brands as Cocoon, Tresor, Ar:pa:ir, Circoloco and countless other of the worlds most influential brands, LOUD has held a weekly residency at the intimate ‘Macarena Club‘ in Barca’s Gothic District.

Balancing his time between Barcelona and the mecca that is Berlin, Rainer’s tour dates include club luminaries; Watergate, Renate, Ritter Butzke, KaterHolzig & Fusion Festival. Filling his passport with boarding passes to Russia, US, Mexico, Thailand and most recently, Australia.

Out on tour with Alexkidd’s recently birthed touring agency – 510K. The agency is also flying the flag for forward thinking heavyweight artists like; Archie Hamilton, Bella Sarris, Dasha Redkina and Randall M each encompassing the ideology of understated emotive techno.

S.A.S.H in conjunction with 510K Agency will be hosting the gent this Sunday for a taste of something unique, different and pioneering artist amongst the hallowed walls of The Terrace for S.A.S.H by Night.

Full interview here: http://www.510k.de/#!blank/cpfl