★ S*A*S*H by Night ★ Kleo ★


★ S*A*S*H by Night ★ Kleo ★

Hailing from fabric London’s Wiggle Crew, captained by Terry Francis and the emergence of tech house, one of the original crew comes and takes the controls once again – but this time at the opposite end of the world – HOME.

Closely nibbling at his heels, one of Sydney’s finest producers, Sun Archive starts at the stroke of midnight with Jake Hough swapping ends of the spectrum and playing room opening slot as opposed to his usual closing.

The low and slow room will be piloted by one of Sydney’s brightest (and lankiest) new hopefuls, Mitchell Nicolas will be (hopefully) keeping his shirt on after his Greenwood shift to take the closing duties of The Den.

They say to never trust someone with two first names but what about two men who share one name? – we’ll be finding out this Sunday when Michael Scott start their midnight shift.

On opening duties to set the tempo and the vibe of The Den, Jas Manning will be spring boarding the evening with shades of all things dub techno.

★ The Terrace ★

★ Kleo ★

★ Sun Archive ★

★ Jake Hough ★

★ The Den ★

★ Mitchell Nicholas ★


★ Jas Manning ★

★ Michael Scott ★

S*A*S*H by Night
9th of May
10pm till 4am
$40 Pre sale tickets
Tickets available on the door
HOME the Venue
101 Wheat Rd
Darling Harbour
Website: www.sash.net.au
Instagram: @sashsundays

Online Shop: Pick up from Solid Circles Pty Ltd office in 2015 Alexandria NSW only. Pick up hours: Tuesday-Thursday from 9am-5pm Dismiss