★ S*A*S*H 6 ★ By Day ★ Robbie Lowe ★


★ S*A*S*H 6 ★ By Day ★ Robbie Lowe ★

Robbie Lowe.

AKA Froffie Lowe.

AKA Lord Frofton.

Grab the mop and empty the bucket because we’re dealing with a big swell of frof heading in from the North and Robbie Lowe is riding the peak of it.
Yup – Lord Lowe comes to stretch his legs and flex his musical muscles across 6 hours in the Greenwood’s courtyard.

As always, he will be selecting his opener of choice to set the tempo and mood for the marathon mission. This year – The O.G & all round good egg – Garth Linton.

Join us in blowing out another candle on Robbie’s cake.

★ The Terrace ★
★ Robbie Lowe ★

★ Garth Linton ★

S*A*S*H by Day
16th of May
2pm till 10pm
Outdoor courtyard & The Chapel
$30 Pre sale tickets
The Greenwood Hotel
36 Blue St North Sydney
Website: www.sash.net.au
Instagram: @sashsundays

Online Shop: Pick up from Solid Circles Pty Ltd office in 2015 Alexandria NSW only. Pick up hours: Tuesday-Thursday from 9am-5pm Dismiss