★ S.A.S.H Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend ★


★ S.A.S.H by Day ★

Celebrating her 93rd birthday this year, and 57th year of reign, Queen Elizabeth II just keeps on going strong. And what an exquisite example she sets for her subjects to follow her lead and find ways to go on and on and on and on. Only feels right to honour her in the expert way we know how to stretch time by giving you yet again a long weekend of some 22 hours of S.A.S.H.

For By Day we have invited the finest of the finest for our Majesties birthday festivities. Haven’t played in Australia in 10 years, Germany’s Anja Schneider could be called a queen herself as she has been a relevant name in the scene for several years now. Next to her we’ve invited Ukranian royalty to fire up our personal court; iO (Mulen) is a regular on everyone’s USB pushing the political agenda of Micro House across borders as no other.

The night is reigned by two DJ’s who are situated a bit closer to our Queen. British lads Rossko and Michael James are in charge of our HOME, leading us into greatness, pushing it until us loyal peasants are undeniably hungry and need to be fed some breakfast…

★ Anja Schneider ★
Baptised as ‘The Perpetual Motion Machine’ this German powerhouse of a woman doesn’t know how to slow down, giving her everything to the international music scene. After stepping away from her label Mobilee after 12 years, she now goes on a more personal journey; celebrating creative freedom and handing it to everyone around here.

★ iO (Mulen) ★
Alexander a.k.a. iO is co-owner of Mulen Records, returning to the stage with a more original sound, exploring the depths of house music. In search of binding traditional and classical genres with a hint to the future, combining old with new and in the process creating something else. Approachable by his recognisable groove, but constantly speaking to an underground music crowd.


♫ Jake Hough Music

♫ D Verdam

♫ Pat Hatton

2pm – 10pm at Greenwood Hotel
36 Blue Street North Sydney
$20 before 4pm / $30 after 4pm
Tickets on the door only
S*A*S*H and Greenwood Hotel take a zero-tolerance stance to drugs. Anyone found with drugs will be handed over to the police

★ S.A.S.H by Night ★

★ Rossko ★
Immersed in London’s rich music scene, this now Berlin-based deejay holds a 10 year residency with the infamous FUSE London party. Growing at first as an exquisite selector and finding his ground in the higher levels by just perfecting that skill. He now focuses on producing a sound which connects the dots between techno, house and garage.

★ Michael James ★
This British artist is in constant seek for good groove, direction and exceptional sounds. Finding inspiration in the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Zip and artists in the Romanian revolution, he developed his own vision combining elements of dub minimal, house and techno within his own personal taste. With regular 5+ hour sets in Ibiza’s Underground and other memorable performances throughout several famous dance floors in Europe, he keeps being enchanted by the crowds response.

★ Pepperpot ★
Louis XIV reincarnated.

♫ Kerry Wallace

♫ Sun Archive

♫ Marley Sherman

♫ Michelle Owen

♫ dayle

♫ Sondrio


♫ Tony Garcia

♫ Romy Black

The Box hosted by Odysseymusicevents & SWEAT

♫ Adam Dive

♫ Charlie Cripps

♫ Nick Berry

♫ Lylac

9pm till midday Monday at Home the Venue
101 Wheat Rd Darling Harbor
Lockout at 2am
Re-entry at 5am
$40 before 10pm / $50 after 10pm
$40 all night with SASH by day wristband
Tickets on the door only
S*A*S*H and Home The Venue Sydney take a zero-tolerance stance to drugs. Anyone found with drugs will be handed over to the police
Full details: www.sash.net.au
Instagram: sashsundays