★ SASH 6 ★ Pepperpot ★ Robbie Lowe ★


★ S.A.S.H by Day ★

Sometimes, you just need to give someone the time of Day that they deserve. So, that’s why we’ve decided to give Robbie Lowe enough time on the Terrace to equal the length of 2/3 of The Lord of the Rings movies. We know what you’d rather be doing. That’s 6 hours beneath the shade of the North Sydney skyscrapers, and 6 hours of Robbie Lowe’s record collection drifting through the heads of the Greenwood Courtyard. Spectacular. Enlisted for the most important of opening proceedings, Garth Linton warms the floor for Sir Robbie.

★ Robbie Lowe ★
The first of 2 veterans celebrating another year on this fine earth is a man with a collection of music that stretches further than the eye can see, and the ear can hear. Thankfully, we’ve managed to condense his boundless sound into 6 glorious hours at Day in celebration of the day he was born. Daytime is for house music, and SASH is for Robbie Lowe. Happy birthday Mr. Lowrider.

♫ Garth Linton

2pm – 10pm – tickets only on the door
$15 before 4 / $20 after – Open Air Courtyard
Greenwood Hotel – 36 Blue Street North Sydney
S*A*S*H and Greenwood Hotel take a zero tolerance stance to drugs. Anyone found with drugs will be handed over to the police

★ S.A.S.H by Night ★

Like a week old baguette, this one is going to go off. Like a good French roast, this is going to take time (6 hours to be exact), and like a good French wine, our man Pepperpot only gets better with age. Every good Ratatouille needs a little Pepper in the Pot and so do you. It’s another rotation around the Sun for the spicy, white seagull, and another Sunday at HOME. Come and celebrate Pepperpot’s birthday with a dash of spice and 6 hours of hammers.

★ Pepperpot ★
The white seagull, the spicy weasel, whatever you wanna call him. He calls it how he sees it, and the only way to keep him quiet is to stick him in the Terrace for 6 hours to do what he does best. A veteran of the scene, and a well-seasoned spice master at SASH, Pepperpot will be purveying his portly produce of tunes harder, better and faster than the XX previous years he’s been doing it. This man doesn’t slow down, and neither should you. It’s only polite, it’s his birthday.

10pm – 4am / 2 rooms / 2 terraces
$20 on the door only
$15 all night with SASH by day stamp
HOME Sydney – 101 Wheat Rd – Darling Harbour
S*A*S*H and Home The Venue Sydney take a zero-tolerance stance to drugs. Anyone found with drugs will be handed over to the police
Full details: www.sash.net.au
Instagram: @sashsundays