★ SASH By Day & Night ★ Cinthie ★ Amir Alexander ★


★ S.A.S.H by Day ★

Planting the seed and cracking the lid, Gary Ward opens things up, before Alex Pisani straps us in to prepare for the Jake Hough Music experience that follows. Wax wonder Cinthie is our guest of honour – here to tie the knot and buckle your seatbelt to close off a wild ride at Day. Neeiigggh.

★ Cinthie ★
A natural closer, Cinthie leaves no stone unturned and no punters with hands in their pockets. Owner of Beste Modus, WE_R HOUSE & Unison Wax, Cinthie has been pushing the swing sound for nearly two decades – and you can bet that large quantities of it have graced the bags of DJs around Sydney. As such, you can bet there will also be large quantities of humans coming out to see her play.

♫ Jake Hough Music

♫ Alex Pisani

♫ Gary Ward

2pm – 10pm – tickets only on the door
$15 before 4 / $20 after – Open Air Courtyard
Greenwood Hotel – 36 Blue Street North Sydney
S*A*S*H and Greenwood Hotel take a zero tolerance stance to drugs. Anyone found with drugs will be handed over to the police

★ S.A.S.H by Night ★

We head homeward for night, with the Den being commanded by a string of deep delvers and record shelvers; Accent’ spark the blue flame, before Kooscha subs himself in for some dub, with Shai Elise Music bringing our blue room to a warm close.

The Terrace falls under the spell of Eliot Mireylees, as we farewell a friend 🙁 Resident spinstress GABBY toughens it up before our guest of honour for Night Amir Alexander brings home to a close.

★ Amir Alexander ★
Dancer, DJ, Producer, Writer, Gourmet Culinary Artist, Fitness Enthusiast and Father – Just some of the many hats Amir Alexander has worn as a self-described student of the groove. We’ve only booked in him for 1-2 of those, but we’re sure if you ask him nicely enough he might divulge some of his other worldly knowledge. For now though, we’re just excited to have him tear up the Terrace at Night.


♫ Eliot Mireylees

♫ Kooscha

♫ Shai Elise Music

♫ Accent’

10pm – 4am / 2 rooms / 2 terraces
$20 on the door only
$15 all night with SASH by day stamp
HOME Sydney – 101 Wheat Rd – Darling Harbour
S*A*S*H and Home The Venue Sydney take a zero tolerance stance to drugs. Anyone found with drugs will be handed over to the police
Full details: www.sash.net.au
Instagram: @sashsundays