★ SASH By Day & Night ★ Toman ★ Alci ★


★ S.A.S.H by Day ★

Saddling up across Day and Night we host a Flying Dutchman and a Smooth Swissman, glued together by a string of local late night luminaries.

Flynn⁴ aka Flynn Dizzle aka Flynn Diesel debuts at SASH to open Day for the Fast and Furious cast that follows. Ben Pailas turns on the heater to keep your toes warm before Litmus makes that central heating hum at a nice pace. Closing Day and headlining the affair we present a Dutch debut from TOMAN. Expect pace and swing, I’m keen Too-man.

The Dam has long been considered a fertile breeding ground for electronic music, and we are certainly taking advantage of the produce being fertilised. One man who’s very much indicative of Holland’s new era of talent is TOMAN. His fresh sound injects the pace and swing that Sydney is craving. What better way to ring in his SASH debut with a set closing Day.

♫ Litmus

♫ Ben Pailas

♫ Flynn Diesel

2pm – 10pm – tickets only on the door
$15 before 4 / $20 after – Open Air Courtyard
Greenwood Hotel – 36 Blue Street North Sydney
S*A*S*H and Greenwood Hotel take a zero tolerance stance to drugs. Anyone found with drugs will be handed over to the police

★ S.A.S.H by Night ★

The Den’s doors will be stripped back by our Brazilian boi Gabriel Fixel. Stuart Hunter keeps it deep and gooey in the center, before JAKOB brings it home. The Terrace will be served its usual punch by Le Brond, before Swiss minimal maestro ALCI brings the swing. Papa Cobra Pepperpot snakes his way onto the decks to twist, turn and swivel until we close our doors.

★ ALCI ★
Glitched and groovy, from Sunwaves to Sydney, ALCI returns. Since breaking through in 2013 with a release on Phil Week’s Robsoul Recordings, ALCI has enjoyed a string of positively lauded releases on Apollonia, SEEING SOUNDS, Sunday Breakfast Zurich, Meander and Æternum Music. A self-professed vintage head when it comes to his own productions, he’s keen to strike the balance between analogue gear and new technology, playing both vinyl and digital formats. We can imagine he will be playing with both in the Terrace come 30th June.

♫ Pepperpot

♫ Le Brond

♫ Stuart Hunter


♫ Gabriel Fixel

10pm – 4am / 2 rooms / 2 terraces
$20 on the door only
$15 all night with SASH by day stamp
HOME Sydney – 101 Wheat Rd – Darling Harbour
S*A*S*H and Home The Venue Sydney take a zero tolerance stance to drugs. Anyone found with drugs will be handed over to the police
Full details: www.sash.net.au
Instagram: @sashsundays