★ SASH By Day & Night ★ Youandewan ★ Gabri-L ★


★ S.A.S.H by Day ★

Coming in hotter than a Yorkshire pie out of the oven, you’ll be spending the evening with Youandewan (Ewan will be there too) amongst the Greenwood terrace. Bringing the sunshine into your life, don selekie, man of many wisdoms and producer – Sun Archive will hold down warm up duties in the afternoon. We welcome back, chip off the ‘old block, dear friend Tombo wo building the foundations the Youandewan – freshly returned from Europe (5/7 rating as a kitchen builder too). To raise the curtain on the festivities we finally host a man who’s love for Sundays are quite literally – skin deep. Kemba’s been sharing the dancefloor and friendships with us for countless moons now and it’s finally time to have him grace the other side of the booth this time.

★ Youandewan ★
This Yorkshireman has been a staple in deep house circles for a long time. Most selectors will have a record from his impressive discography in their bag. Now based in Berlin, Ewin has had a steady output on respected labels including Aus Music, Cabinet Records Berlin & Voyage. We are looking forward to experiencing tracks like ‘Pinger’ in the courtyard!

♫ Sun Archive

♫ Tom Ackroyd

♫ Kemba Music

2pm – 10pm – tickets only on the door
$15 before 4 / $20 after – Open Air Courtyard
Greenwood Hotel – 36 Blue Street North Sydney
S*A*S*H and Greenwood Hotel take a zero tolerance stance to drugs. Anyone found with drugs will be handed over to the police

★ S.A.S.H by Night ★

Lord of all things Monday morning Melbourne madness, Breakfast Club’s Gabri-L takes on the terrace. Bad boi Bali Baartz welcomes in Monday’s sunrise and brings Sunday’s night to close, while on the opposing end – aboutjack brings up the curtains to the beginning of the night.

All things low and slow, deep and groovey covered by the small midgard of master housed within The Den this week. Flying down from the Gold Coast, Summers and Ceccato make their Sydney S*A*SH debut with RINSE&WAX in to do.. well, just as it said on the label with home-grown lad Levi Stubbs setting the tempo for the evening.

★ Gabri-L ★
Italian import and The Breakfast Club – Melbourne founder, Gabri-L has built his reputation being a party starter. We are big fans of the after-hours vibes he curates and can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

♫ Dan Baartz

♫ aboutjack

♫ Levi Stubbs


♫ Summers B2B Ceccato

10pm – 4am / 2 rooms / 2 terraces
$20 on the door only
$15 all night with SASH by day stamp
HOME Sydney – 101 Wheat Rd – Darling Harbour
S*A*S*H and Home The Venue Sydney take a zero tolerance stance to drugs. Anyone found with drugs will be handed over to the police
Full details: www.sash.net.au
Instagram: @sashsundays