★ SASH XMAS 2017 ★


★ S*A*S*H by Day ★

One of the stand out events on the SASH calendar is always our Xmas get together, and this year is no different. Santa’s being extra generous and blessing us with a lineup that will fill your stockings to the brim, and then some. For this special occasion we’ll be opening The Chapel as well as The Greenwood Terrace at SASH by Day.

Taking the top spot outside for a sizzling three hour close set is Germany’s Madmotormiquel, and for the first time in Australia, Bluetrain plays live in The Chapel. One more special guest/present can’t be opened until the day, but we’re sure he’s going to well received.

★ Madmotormiquel ★
Since the magical 1980’s, the species known as Raver focused on creating the perfect dance move to express on this dancefoor of life. Around the same time, Michel Neigen nd, a young boy from the limited-travel-zone of West Berlin decided he wanted to fnd a sound that knew no limits to their dedication. Oh shit, another DJ is born. Armed with an expanding taste in classic punk rock and hip-hop, soon he was led into the world of powerful beats that the future-forming kids around him loved so much. He met them in the church of acid techno, big-beat and drum and bass—a place where he jockeyed the discs for many weekends until it was clear he needed to have a say on those beats himself. Here, under the light of a crescent moon, a new producer is born. Fast forward and now his releases are spreading to all corners of the planet and giving him the chance to make up for all the limited travel of his past, he now spends his weekends playing his music in exotic locations with nice people, helping us to perfect the art of shapemaking and movement creation one dancefloor at a time.

★ Bluetrain (Live) ★
Bluetrain is one of the many names that UK house and techno producer Steve O’Sullivan releases music under, as well as the name of one of the sister labels of Mosaic. Whilst all of Steve’s productions feature dub-style productions, the Bluetrain releases combine Reggae elements and dub-techno flavours to create something truly unique. This will be the only Bluetrain show in Australia so you better make sure you pop your head into The Chapel.

★ Secret Guest ★
Rounding off The Chapel in style, we have one of our favourites – “Secret Guest”

2pm – 10pm – tickets only on the door
$20 before 4 / $30 after – Open Air Courtyard + Indoor rave cave
Greenwood Hotel – 36 Blue Street North Sydney

★ S*A*S*H by Night ★

Cus let’s face it, Day SASH is never enough. ‘Tis the season so treat yourself to another serve of Christmas pudding at SASH By Night.

Since everyone’s been such good kiddies this year we’re going to open up the whole club once again for a full 5 rooms covering house, techno and the many subgenres in between.

Our special guests include quality control advocate Pepperpot, Aussie-export Katie Drover, Short-shorts-big-heart Alexkid & for us the icing on the rave cake, Steve O’Sullivan.

We’ll be going well past sunrise so it’s best to put in your annual leave now.

Local supports to come soon x

★ Alexkid ★
Returning to The Terrace just in time for Xmas, Alex is well equipped for an early morning SASHing. Jumping on as the clock strikes 2, we’re excited to hear all the music he’s collected since last we crossed paths, right up until sunrise.

★ Steve O’Sullivan – Mosaic Records (Live) ★
Regarding Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus (aka Maurizio) as his main influence, Steve produces slowly evolving, very minimal, soulful club tracks on his labels Bluetrain and Green, (and now Sushitech Records) showing his love for subtle sounds and dub effects. He also ran the Bluespirit label, on which he collaborated with Ben Sims, Lee Grainge and Russ Gabriel. The legendary Bluespirit series comprised four 12″ singles and sounded housier than Steve’s ultradeep minimal dub techno on his more recent outings (such as Bluetrain #04, ‘Echo Freaks’).
Steve is the owner of the Mosaic label, which offers a sound between house and techno and features, apart from his own productions as The Wise Caucasian and Ephebe, releases from Paul Mac, Aubrey, Downlink, Mark Broom and Mark Ambrose, to name just a few. His records are some of the most sought after pieces of black gold produced this century and he makes his first appearance down under this Christmas, bringing his live show to The Terrace.

★ Pepperpot ★
DJ since 1992, Greg Pepperpot has been a key figure of the French electronic scene, and now Australia. He has always devoted himself exclusively to DJ-ing, sharing the decks with all the major House and Techno artists and playing many clubs and festivals around the world for the last 20 years.

★ Katie Drover ★
For 15 years, every weekend Katie Drover sat comfortably at the controls in one of Melbourne’s thriving clubbing spots with the dancefloor hanging on her every move…
Today, after following her heart and ears to the other side of the world, she is DJing, writing music and running the label Dokutoku Records in Berlin. Not bad for a player who spends the other half of her life working as a mathematician. Katie will be in control of the big room (The Lair) from midnight.

9pm – 9am / 4 rooms / 3 terraces
HOME Sydney – 101 Wheat Rd – Darling Harbour
$40 // $30 all night with SASH by day stamp
Tickets on the door only
Full details: www.sash.net.au
Instagram: sashsundays

Please remember - stay hydrated Dismiss