Innner West


*heavy breathing*

While the Inner West Reggae Disco Machine may be new to many people in the house world, the infamous rig in the reggae and dub world is a monster that cannot be contained.

“The Inner West Reggae Disco Machine is more than just a set of speakers” Gonzo notes. “Its a crew, it has its selectors, box builder, sound boy, MC’s and of course the speakers themselves”. Stevie Dub, Rik, Sonic and Gonz have pieced bit by bit over the years to grow what is quite literally a work of art tailored to their sound. Comprised of smaller pies the system can be split into sections or run as a single wall of punch.

Nestled in Erskineville, The Hive bar hosted a reggae dance called ‘Rhythm Shower’. Stevie (the box builder and self proclaimed sound nerd) brought a hugely overpowered speaker that he had built to the bar. The dance gained love and saw the intimate bar up to twice the legal capacity.

Basically, it went nuts! They joked about building a massive wall of speakers. The joke eventually became reality a year later and the Inner West Reggae Disco Machine was born.

Armed with dubplates from local and international talent,(dubplates are one off recordings that are only ever played on our rig) the Inner West Reggae Disco Crew of Stevie Dub, Rik, Sonik and Gonz) aim to give you Reggae across the board.

Holding court in The Maze, the Inner West crew will be bringing in part of the system to help blow out a couple of candles!