Blowing out 102 Celebrations at Greenwood


With a total of 102 events hosted under the S*A*S*H banner at The Greenwood Hotel, we celebrate a total of two years within our North Sydney stable.

Now holding a special place within us,

We’ve gone through the sounds, videos and photos of the last two years and picked out some of the high lights.
Let’s take a ride through the times…

★ All Day I Dream – Lee Burridge, Mathew Dekay, YokoO ★
When you’re asked to host one of the most prolific brands in the world, you hold back no punches. With a sound system to rival a small festival, several hundred meters of material, lights and a little extra love, The Greenwood became the perfect backdrop to host our dear old friend, Yokoo as well of two of the scenes most highly regarded artists.

While technically not under the S*A*S*H banner, we believe the results speak for themselves and it was clear, it was time to make our return to the sunshine! The seed of S*A*S*H by Day was planted.

★ Phil Weeks and Joss Moog ★
In a day opened by two of Sydney’s most polished house selectors, Rabbit Taxi and Adam Stromstedt in the afternoon slot, Joss Moog took the reigns for what still stands as one of the best sets delivered through the Funktion One rig.

In a masterclass performed with French flare, Phil Weeks delivered it home with what was without a doubt, a standout week in our short and humble history at the North Sydney stable.

More from this bad boy can be found here…


★ S*A*S*H Birthday’s ★
Given that birthdays are a little more special and they only come around once a year, it feels fitting to celebrate in a slightly larger fashion.. or EXCESSIVELY, if you would.

By the soundtracks of Mark Henning and Kevin Griffiths The ‘ol Church has hosted two of our 6 S*A*S*H’s birthdays, and done so in style!

★ Molly at Day ★

As resident at Paris’ legendary Rex Club, Molly has established herself as one of the city’s brightest talents, combining passion, integrity and talent to launch a successful DJ career and producing.

She’s been at the very top of our wish list for some time and most definitely worth the wait!

★ Opening Weekend ★
We wouldn’t have gotten to two years without starting somewhere. At the Hands of one of UK’s don’s, Eddie Richards and Belgium house legend, Red D. From the very first weekend, we joined in the sunshine and it was clear – this was something we must continue.

Since then we’ve hosted decorated international dignitaries, local heroes, fresh faces and a crowd spanning every corner of the globe.


★ Subsonic Music Festival Launch ’17 ★
With every changing of the calendar the countdowns begin till the first weekend of December – Subsonic Music Festival.

Renowned globally for the wonder, warmth a color that makes Subsonic one of the most special events in Australia, the Greenwood had been given the whole hog Riverwood Downs treatment in classic Subsonic styling.

Musically reflecting what the festival is about, it spanned reggae, house, techno, drum and bass, hip hop and all the shades and nuances in between.

While the visual feast had been paired with some of the very finest cream of the musical crop – John Dimas, Molly and Hanfry Martinez.

★ Andrey Pushkarev ★
Off the back of his first Australian tour, the Russian brought his swooning and moody music out of the stark cold of Europe and into the sundrenched heat of Australia.

In a world where the lines between Dj and producers have bee blurred and often run hand in hand, the Russian has focused solely on continuing to hone his sound as a Dj.

★ S*A*S*H NYE ★
… This one hasn’t technically happened yet – but it seems as though New Years Eve falls on a Sunday this year.

To everyone at the venue; the legendary security, the bar tenders, managers and glassies – thank you.
To our sound techs who rain hail or shine throw around the rig and bust their chops weekly – thank you.
To our photographer – Guil who relentlessly is pushing himself to capture the moments we share – thank you.
To our impeccable staff who provide the warmth, soul and dedication every single Sunday – thank you.
To the world class locals who prove the quality and quantity of variety and Australia’s talent – thank you.
To all the international guests we’ve hosted who have shared their music and limitless joy – thank you.
Finally, those who none of this would be possible without, those who come every week, provide the energy and shuffling feet, the crowd –