8 with ol’ mate Rossko


What’s your classic house track guilty pleasure?

Not sure if this is a ‘classic’ but to me this track screams it, one I will never ever get tired of playing…

Got a good afterparty story?

No comment! 😉

Bali is known for its temples, good food, beaches and beautiful people. What are you keen to do here while in Bali?

Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Perfect time to relax, refresh and reset before Australia.

What’s your best shit joke?

really? Here goes.
I’m dating a girl from the zoo, She’s a keeper.

How was your first gig?

My 1st ever gig was in Amsterdam. The wonders of Myspace, me and my friend was just bedroom DJ’s we hadn’t even played in our local town yet when a promoter contacted us. We played at Club Escape (A club like Home in terms of size and rooms) I remembered we played alongside Laidback Luke this was about 13 years ago!
I can even remember riding the train from the airport to the city centre and seeing under a motorway bridge a huge poster. UK debut Captain Rossco b2b DJ Dowee. (Yes that was my 1st DJ name all them years ago!).

Tell us about your worst gig? What happened?

In the end some people just don’t get it and put parties on for all the wrong reason. I think I played to about 20 people in Italy I felt more sorry for the guy then anything else. He had to learn the hard way.

Looking forward to S*A*S*H long weekend?

Long weekends are legendary I think this is my third long weekend. I love both the day and night parties and of course all the crew associated with it. It’s great to come back every year and re-connect, especially spinning on the terrace when the sun comes up.
Good music. Good peoples. Good times.

What was the turning point when you decided to chase down a career in music over football career?

Football I had no choice due to injury but I had many jobs in between, from Gardner to a Salesman – one day when I was working for a football website I was always listening to my music in headphones getting in trouble. Then one day I saw the light. I just got up walked over to my director and told him I quit I got to do music. He simply replied ‘ Finally, go follow your dreams’. We’re still friends to this day. He was a successful Swiss entrepreneur he even had me and Sven Vath play his wedding about 10 years ago.
Sometimes its hard to make decisions with your head and your heart so I went with my gut. Choices define who you are, the good ones and the bad ones. Don’t let fear eat you up.