★ S.A.S.H Sleepout ★


★★★ Tickets go on sale Tuesday the 15th from www.sash.net.au ★★★
★★★ Tickets are limited to 1,500! Early Bird $160 and GA $190 ★★★

Call the boss, quit your job, ditch the family, lock in the dates and get the time off work! With well over a year of work from the S*A*S*H office to piece together something truly special in a unique and intimate setting we’re finally announcing …

★ S*A*S*H Sleepout 2014★

We’re rolling up our sleeping bags, packing our baby blanket, grabbing ol’ Ted and going on a magic carpet ride with The Mad Hatter, Alice’s naughty sister, the Cheshire Cat and fifteen hundred people for three days of music, nature, camping and one hell of a good time!!

Nestled at the feet of two mountains in the Hunter Region, in a small valley as our lush surrounds we’ll be inviting you to catch a stellar list of international artists from Germany, France and the US amongst a small army of the cream of Sydney’s crop as well as a couple of unexpected musical surprises up our sleeve!

There’s a load more info to come including more interstate acts, local acts, acoustic acts, what to bring, running times etc etc etc which will all be available from the S.A.S.H website in the coming weeks…… but for now we’ll leave with the huge line up that is Nick Curly, Nico Stojan, Rodiguez Jr (Live), Sammy Dee, Adultnapper and Marc Poppcke (who will also be making his Australian debut) this will be their ONLY NSW shows.
Be quick as these tickets will not be lasting long!

S*A*S*H Sleepout plays host to:

★ Nick Curly ★
The relentless and unstoppable German force appears to continuously reach higher echelons in the music world, constantly at the top of infamous events, highly regarded venues and praise filled releases. With an estranged warmth, Nick’s music bounces around from older Chicago driven influences to outright modern groovers – always exciting, unexpected and rammed with rhythm.

★ Nico Stojan ★
Many of you should be well versed with Nico’s music by now. From enchanting surrounds of multi day festivals to our own old home – The Abercrombie, Nico’s presence and sound is immediately audible in a heavy way, whipping crowds into frothing frenzies. With releases as quality as his sets and a smorgasbord of labels all containing the Stojan stamp – house with a modern injections of jazz and soul.

★ Rodriguez Jr (live) ★
If the name doesn’t ring a bell, the music certainly should! With a slew of songs that have had their presence felt heavily across so many venues for their sheer quality, such the silky smooth and delicately warm feelings of the French man. Not content with simply slapping together another dj set, Oliver will be playing out a simply unmissable live set.

★ Sammy Dee ★
Sammy has earned himself an aura as an innovator of electronic music, far away from the beaten mass consumption paths since the 90’s when he began honing his ears. Hosting ‘…GET PERLONIZED’ at the infamous Panorama Bar while running the ‘Perlon’ label with his partner in crime, ZIP. Alongside ZIP, he’s also created Pantytec in 1999. Also producing under Ultrastretch, Sammy’s influence has been well heard and felt across the scene.

★ Adultnapper ★
Raised on punk rock, Francis went from ‘hating dance music’, to establishing himself as a DJ/Producer with unique sound and a global audience. As a Dj, primarily mixing records, Harris employs precision skills and thoughtful programming to expand upon his sonic territory, earning him turns on the world’s most discerning dancefloors taking them on his trademark emotion-laden rides.

★ Marc Poppcke ★
Marc’s life is all about music. Although he appreciates to produce tracks, loves to remix and knows that his productions are cherished, Marc is foremost a Dj. To play the decks is what he is living for, this is what he has been doing for over a decade now. Marc’s music has been doing the rounds at S.A.S.H on a weekly basis now for some time too by all the residents, it’s our pleasure to be having Marc play at our festival & even more so as this is his debut Australian set!


★ DJ’S ★
♫ Nick Curly
♫ Nico Stojan
♫ Rodriguez Jr (live)
♫ Sammy Dee
♫ Adultnapper
♫ Marc Poppcke

Get S.A.S.H.E.D !!