Marc Poppcke: Berlin to Sydney with Crossfrontier Audio


Ahead of S.A.S.H. Sleepout we’ll be catching up with some of the Artists on their way here to give an introduction to them and how they exist in this game of dance music. First off the rank is Berliner, Art Masters Graduate, Owner of Crossfrontier Audio, Producer and last but not least by any means DJ; Marc Poppcke.

Your label Crossfrontier Audio is about to turn 3, what led you to start the label in 2011?

Beside a DJ-set or an own production for me a label is another great possibility to show my vision of electronic club music. I’ve already been part of other labels before Crossfrontier Audio. But if you’re running a label together with other people you always have to make compromises at some point and it’s not always possible to realize your own ideas. So after I finished my studies at the University of Art in 2011, I decided to start Crossfrontier Audio to have full control especially with the musical output.

Although we also had some difficulties in the beginning, I am super happy how things developed with the label especially within the last months.

What have you planned for the Crossfrontier Audio’s 3rd Birthday?

We have a big 3 Years party on the 22nd of August at Ritter Butzke where we hold a residency for our Crossfrontier Audio label nights since we started with the label. Beside our Crossfrontier Audio acts Yoram, Svjet Lana, MUUI, Stefan Mint & me, we ‘ve invited Agents Of Time who will headlining the event. I already saw some videos on youtube from their live performance at Sonar Festival in Barcelona this year and it’s great to present them here in Berlin for the first time.

I noticed you have an Australian export doing a compilation for the birthday from her favourite Crossfrontier Audio releases, Svjet Lana?

It’s our first best of compilation so far as I’m actually not such a big fan of these compilations but after three years I thought it would be good idea to give the people an overview of what we have done so far as I noticed that we got a lot of new followers recently.

Svjet is responsible for the public relations of the label but also a great artist. When we met each other I was really impressed by her podcasts she had on her soundcloud page. I really liked the track selection as well as the flow she was able to create with them.

The Crossfrontier Audio podcast she did for us a couple of months ago is our most listened and downloaded podcast so far. So it seems that I’m not the only one who realised that she has a special sense of how to build up a DJ mix. That’s why I asked her if she would be interested to compile and mix our 3 years compilation and I’m really happy with the final result.

The whole compilation incl. All single tracks and her DJ-mix will be in stores on Monday the 8th of September but we’ll already give away some free copies away on our birthday party at Ritter Butzke.

Best Of 3 Years Svjet Lana

There’s some really cool covers for the Crossfrontier Audio releases, who’s your artist?

Our graphic designer is Stella Gelesh and we are really happy to have her on board for the label as we already got a lot of compliments for our cover, sometimes even more than for the music.

I really think they give our releases a little extra and we already had artists who wanted to release on Crossfrontier Audio just because they liked the artworks so much.

In this age of streaming music what do you find is the best platform for both your own productions and DJ mixes and the releases for Crossfrontier Audio, and why?

For me Soundcloud is still the perfect platform to present my DJ-mixes and for previewing our upcoming Crossfrontier Audio releases. Through the new re-post feature you’re now able to generate many more listeners/ plays, which is great.

Also for demos I prefer to get a soundcloud link as it’s the easiest way to listen to the tracks as you don’t have to download them first.

But of course it’s also still really important to reach a good position in the Beatport sale charts as it helps you a lot to get more interest for gigs. So for me Soundcloud & Beatport are definitely the most important platforms to present the music of the label and also my own stuff.

You’re based in Berlin, what are your top 4 places there and why?

1. Ritter Butzke; Resident club for our Crossfrontier Audio label nights. The people who are running the club are definitely the fairest guys I’ve ever worked together with in the club scene.

2. Sisyphos; The craziest and best club for me in Berlin where you can go partying from friday night till monday morning non-stop every week. It’s like a weekly mini festival and playing a DJ-set there is always a highlight.

3. Süss. War Gestern; Something between a bar and mini club and a place where you always meet some well known faces. A visit there is always a bit like coming home.

4. Il Ritrovo; Italian restaurant with the best Pizza in Berlin and a great place for warming-up the night before moving on to Ritter Butzke, Sisyphos or Süss. War Gestern.


You graduated with a Masters degree from Berlin University after originally doing your BA with SAE, How has formal education helped your career?

I have to say especially the time at the SAE helped a lot to improve my production skills.

Before I started my studies there I was really at the beginning with producing my own music and at the end of the education I already released my first tracks. Doing a Master at the University Of Arts after it helped a lot to open my mind for all kind of sound art from Karlheinz Stockhausen over John Cage to Steve Reich which also had a certain influence on my own productions.

With so many options, and choice in Berlin for music events and people always visiting do you find it hard to stay focused and not get caught up in the party?

Yes, it’s true here in Berlin you actually could go out partying every day of the week.

In my case I actually always want to be an active part of a party which means playing as a DJ first of all. So I have to say that I’m actually not going out that much anymore when not playing by myself or if a special DJ is in town whom I always wanted to hear.

Besides I’m already in that age where I also really enjoy a free weekend at home without any parties and even more I’m always looking forward to be back on the road again the week after that.

If you want to get caught up in the party, what’s the best one you’ve been to of Party or festival anywhere and why?

Like I already mentioned above Sisyphos here in Berlin is really one of these clubs where you could totally get lost for the whole weekend. You don’t have to dress-up yourself particularly and just can wear whatever makes you feeling comfortable.

All in all they have 4 different indoor floors and during the summer season a great Open Air floor on top. On last New Years Eve the club was open for overall 6 days non-stop. To be honest I even think there are not so many other clubs in this world where you can find parties like this. So maybe it’s even one of the best clubs in the world although you propably won’t ever find it in any top-lists. For me it’s simply great to have the chance to play there on a regular basis as well.


We look forward to having you in Australia. Have you heard anything about Australia and the parties you’re playing?

One thing I hear about the Australian club scene is that it unfortunately got more difficult to organize parties and events through new restrictions on the part of the government.

On the other side I already heart a lot of good things about the S.A.S.H. parties in Sydney and Fake Chow in Melbourne as my good friend Luis Hill already played there last February. But actually I’m really looking forward to all gigs of this tour as it’s my first appearance in Australia.

How did this tour come about?

The guys from S.A.S.H. contacted me and asked if I would be interested to play some gigs in Australia. I’m super happy to do the tour in cooperation with them as they seem to be really professional which you unfortunately can’t find that often in the electronic music scene. Actually after a 10 minutes conversation on Skype everything was already fixed. And now I really can’t wait for my first gig at S.A.S.H.’s Sleepout Festival on the 19th of September and I hope to see all of you there.

Join us and Marc Poppcke at S.A.S.H. Sleepout.