A Reason to Froth..



Robbie, AKA, R.L AKA, #1Frother AKA Smiling Assassin, call what you wish, it really is a name that has become synonymous with one thing; quality house music.

Across every event, venue and festival worth it’s salt, Robbie’s two decade career has seen him become one of the scene’s cornerstones for all the right reasons. We have given him the reigns of The Greenwood ahead of this Sunday’s S.A.S.H by Day. He’ll be hosting an afternoon under the spring sun at the hands of; yung gun – Colo Saravia, ‘Big-Dumb’ – Jeff Barrass, ‘Smooth-Operator’ – Garth Linton, ‘Bring-the-Partee’ – Ben Nott and of course, the man himself.

Ahead of that, we took 5 with and tackled some big issues.. Ibis birds, records and Sharon.

Would you rather:
Never surf or never dj again?
Wow that’s tuff … um .. um .. I honestly don’t know and can’t make that decision. It’s like asking would you rather loose you sight or your hearing …

Be able to fly or be invisible?
Fly .. I’d spend most of my time in the air for sure!

Dildos for legs or Doritos for fingers?
Do the Doritos grow back? If so Doritos.

What would your hip hop Dj name be?
Robbie Scratch n Sniff

Which global venues / parties you haven’t played yet would you still love to cross off your list?
There’s a few no doubt but first to come to mind is Blkmarket in NY. I love NY!

Quick response – what’s the first thing that comes to mind:
– Ibis birds: aren’t they the birds that hang around bins and pick thru our mess? Good on them I say.
– Spiders: Smart creepy little fuckers.
– Sync button: Of course there is …
– Mike Baird: Public enemy

What’s your specialty dish? What’s the secret to making it
Can’t cook, won’t cook.

Where did Sharon come from?
I started calling Garth Sharon a while ago … for absolutely no reason at all. There’s a bunch of us that seem to never call each other by our real names … it’s weird but very funny. Matt Weir got hold of Sharon and really ran with it. Now everyone is called Sharon.

A record that never leaves your bag?
Gat Decor – Passion is a tune that has travelled with me thru the years. Still makes a very positive impact on the dancefloor. In fact, I’ll play it forever! Lots of sentimental value with this record for me – was actually one of the first I bought and learnt to mix with on the turnies.

Describe your life with one song title?
Man I’m a vinyl DJ .. I only know songs by cover artwork.

What’s your spirit animal?

If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive – who would it be? Why?
Prince. He is one of my hero’s!
Non fictional character – Rocky Balboa. I reckon he could teach me a thing or 2 about life.

What’s the last picture you took on your phone?

Who inspires you?
Family, friends and anyone that is out there giving it a red hot go!

If you could play b2b with one dj – dead or alive – who would it be?
Danny Howells

Join us in the wonderful communion under the banner music as the sun sets on Sydney for another lashing among the halls of The Greenwood Hotel.

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