★ Breakfast at S.A.S.H 14th Birthday ★ Easter Long Weekend ★ Monday April 1st ★
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★ Breakfast at S.A.S.H 14th Birthday ★ Easter Long Weekend ★ Monday April 1st ★
Being the most important meal of the day, Breakfast comes at a time of need. Whether you’ve been dancing your heart out all night, or simply an early morning riser, Breakfast is a sonic buffet, catered to your wants & needs to bring in the new day. At the beginning of our breakfast buffet, we have a Canadian staple: Pancakes with Maple Syrup & OJay (Tripwire). Flipping records that are hot on both sides, Jay will welcome in the morning, ensuring everyone is sunny side up for the following plates. Second stop drops us at a French Cafe with Lamache serving a toasty ‘petit dejeuner’, consisting of buttery beats, fruitful festivities and tasteful tunes to conclude our Breakfast delights. Like any big breakfast, the plate isn’t complete without some side dishes. The delicious & decadent Dolce kicks things off in the Den to assist & bring in the morning sun. Their sweetness is masked by trippy treats & beefy beats, but will keep you energised until the next course. Four On The Floor take over & immediately start to serve breakfast bombs after beating the 5 second rule, concluding their service at 10AM. Tickets to S.A.S.H By Night include Breakfast entry, limited tickets will be available on the door xx Tasty treats await and as always, you bring your dancing shoes; and we’ll provide the rest xx
Breakfast at S.A.S.H 14th Birthday Monday April 1st 5am till Midday
Home The Venue 101 Wheat Road, Darling Harbour, NSW
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