╬ FIX. MY. SINK. ╬ Steve Bug ╬ Saturday July 13th ╬
Event Description
╬ FIX. MY. SINK. ╬ Steve Bug ╬ Saturday July 13th ╬ ╚══════╩═══╚═══════╩═════╩═══════╝ Here at Fix My Sink, we strive ourselves on being able to bring you the best results out there. So when we come across a problem within our plumbing system, we take it upon ourselves to call up the best in the business, and get to work. Unfortunately we’ve uncovered a creepy crawly infestation within some of our pipes, so we’ve brought Mr Exterminator: Steve Bug, to take control of the situation, and most importantly fix our sinks. Steve Bug’s German roots have laid down the foundation for his impressive catalogue within the electronic music world. He’s driven down many avenues with his sound & label, and has pioneered his way through to the top of the industry. His label Poker Flat Recordings has pushed boundaries since 99’ and is still going strong to this day, with countless releases spanning multiple genres. He’ll take out the roaches and line the pipes with an impenetrable groove, leaving Carousel’s sinks and pipes all patched up. Just like Steve, we've called upon some of Sydney's top plumbing pros. Dylan Griffin will scrape the leftover residue from Steve’s extermination expedition and ensure Carousel’s plumbing system holds up for the remainder of the evening, whilst ritmiq & Kemba sprint up the stairs to hit every nook & cranny of the club before Steve’s bug battle. Together,they’ll drain the creepy crawlies, and leave Carousel’s pipes squeaky clean…
Fix. My. Sink. x Saturday July 13th 10pm till Late
Carousel Level 2, 169 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010
Single Pest Control
Sat, 13 Jul, 10:00 PM - 05:00 AM
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