★ S.A.S.H Brisbane Boxing Day Long Weekend 2022 Nate S.U Jad & The ★
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★ S.A.S.H Brisbane ★ Boxing Day Long Weekend ★
It feels like just yesterday some of us were scraping ourselves off the floor of The Prince after the Halloween weekend. Now we’re fast approaching the Boxing Day Long weekend and the beginning of Gooch Week, that time between the ass end of Christmas and the dick around of New Year’s Eve. In this confusing time of the year, allow us to take one decision off your hands as we invite you to join us at The Prince Consort for another full venue takeover. We’ll be operating from 6pm until 3am for 9 hours of DJs and dancing across 4 rooms. To celebrate the beginning of the end of the year properly we’ve invited down 3 of our favourite Brisbane crews to each take control of a room. Sessions are in to take over The Den and MNML are guiding us through The Maze. Up in The Box at La La Land Electric Kitchen have stepped up to the platters that matter, showcasing some of their best. Once you’ve gotten sick of eating Christmas left over and you’ve had enough of the family, come and join us on the dance floor xx ★ The Terrace – Hosted by S.A.S.H ★ ★★ Nate S.U ★★ https://soundcloud.com/nate_su ★★ Jad & The ★★ https://soundcloud.com/jad-lee ★ Danni B / Rascal ★ https://soundcloud.com/danni_b ★ Rascal / Mitch Grey ★ https://soundcloud.com/rascalau ★ Slouchy ★ https://soundcloud.com/n3ves ★ The Den – Hosted by Sessions ★ ★ Super Jim Z ★ https://soundcloud.com/jimztrax ★ Chris George ★ https://soundcloud.com/chrisgeorge04 ★ Coco Brown ★ https://soundcloud.com/kirstie-maria-brown ★ The Box – Hosted by Electric Kitchen ★ ★ Avor ★ https://soundcloud.com/avorberlin ★ Nestor Vargas ★ https://soundcloud.com/djnestorvargas ★ Jose Lopez ★ ★ Le Crockett ★ https://soundcloud.com/madeleine-born-crockett ★ The Maze – Hosted By MNML ★ ★ Ketttled ★ https://soundcloud.com/ketttled ★ CSP Soundz ★ https://soundcloud.com/craig-piper-new ★ Ben Foran ★ https://soundcloud.com/user-715662895
S.A.S.H Brisbane 26th of December 6pm till 3am
The Prince Consort Hotel 230 Wickham St. Fortitude Valley
Website: www.sash.net.au Instagram: @sashsundays
S.A.S.H Brisbane
Wed, 23 Nov, 11:00 AM - 02:00 AM
The Prince Consort Hotel
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