★ S.A.S.H By Day & Night ★ By Your Side ★ Max Power ★ Sunday 17th September ★
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★ S.A.S.H By Day & Night ★ By Your Side ★ Max Power x Kemba ★ Sunday 17th September ★
September 17th is knocking on the door and we thought it would be nice to enjoy the afternoon with some good friends by our side. Jimmy Galvin and the By Your Side crew know a thing or two about sending it on a Sunday. Stacked and packed with BYS regulars, Robbie Lowe, Raquel and Heather Mayhem, complimented by Jimmy in the big font, it’s going to be a fun-filled day of classy tunes and very average chat. Across to Night and we welcome back a man who can do no wrong. Down in the dark depths of Oxford Art Factory there is ne’er a man more suited to slinging sleezy house music than Max Power. Joining him at the helm for a back-to-back crack, our boy Kemba goes toe to toe with Mr Power to throw down the heavy hitters and ear splitters for the evenings occasion. Having both returned from Europe just in time for Sunday’s soiree, there’s no doubt they’ll be bringing back some serious musical inspiration. Young Dallas makes his night debut to warm up the emphatic pair, with JOSS rolling on through to take us into the wee hours of the morning. As always, you bring your dancing shoes; and we’ll provide the rest. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor xxx
★★ S.A.S.H By Day - Hosted By By Your Side ★★ ★★ Jimmy Galvin ★★ https://soundcloud.com/jimmygalvinmusic ★ Robbie Lowe ★ https://soundcloud.com/robbielowe ★ Raquel ★ https://soundcloud.com/raquel_c ★ Heather Mayhem ★ https://soundcloud.com/julietp
S.A.S.H by Day September 17th 4pm till 10pm
Watsons EQ 1 Bent Street Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park
★★ S.A.S.H By Night ★★ ★★ Max Power x Kemba ★★ https://soundcloud.com/maxpowerdj https://soundcloud.com/kemba_music ★ JOSS ★ https://soundcloud.com/jossfoley ★ Dallas ★ https://soundcloud.com/dallas-cope
S.A.S.H by Night September 17th 10pm till 4am
Oxford Art Factory 36/48 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, 2000
Fri, 18 Aug, 03:01 PM - 03:00 AM
Oxford Art Factory
Fri, 18 Aug, 02:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Watson's EQ
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