★ S.A.S.H by Day & Night ★ Reflex Blue (Live) ★ Sun Archive x Venda ★ Sunday 10th March ★
Event Description
★ S.A.S.H by Day & Night ★ Reflex Blue (Live) ★ Sun Archive x Venda ★ Sunday 10th March ★
The second shindig of the season sees Reflex Blue saunter into the Watsons EQ Terrace, for a live showcase! Back-to-back and on the attack, Reflex and Kemba link arms, legs, hips, hinds and heads to see us through the late evening before our Secret Guest steps up to the plate. Raucous and rambunctious, Rocco’s flown low on our radar for a while but recent appearances alongside the gracious Gould Brothers at SASH By Day has certainly brought him to our attention. Rounding out the day, con trades out the West for the East, making his SASH By Debut in the sun-drenched Watson’s courtyard. Big & bold, our headliners this week at SASH By Night consists of the daring duo comprised of one part Sun Archive and one part Venda. With a slurry of individual releases over the years on reputable labels, and more than their fair share of time in the booth, both of these mischievous muses are more than suited to take out top honours on their own. This week we’ve paired them together to combine their collections and see what crooked sorcery they can concoct. Either side of the boys in bold, Ryan Kabaara makes his By Night debut to warm things up and kick us off inside Carousel, whilst Summer Resident ritmiq brings us to the close. As always, you bring your dancing shoes, and we’ll provide the rest xx
★★ S.A.S.H by Day ★★ ★★ Secret Guest (Live) ★★ https://soundcloud.com/??? ★ Reflex x Kemba ★ https://soundcloud.com/reflexsyd https://soundcloud.com/kemba_music ★ Rocco ★ https://soundcloud.com/roccosmdnlife ★ con ★ https://soundcloud.com/connor-newbitt-hill
S.A.S.H By Day Sunday March 10th 2pm till 10pm
Watson’s EQ Entertainment Quarter, 1 Bent Street, Moore Park, 2021
★★ S.A.S.H by Night ★★ ★★ Sun Archive x Venda ★★ https://soundcloud.com/sunarchive https://soundcloud.com/venda ★ ritmiq ★ https://soundcloud.com/ritmiq ★ Ryan Kabaara ★ https://soundcloud.com/ryankabaara
S.A.S.H by Night Sunday March 10th 10pm till 4am
Carousel Level 2, 169 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010
Website: www.sash.net.au Instagram: @sashsundays
S.A.S.H By Day Only Ticket
Sun, 10 Mar, 02:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Watson's EQ
Free Before 4PM Ticket
Sale Ended
S.A.S.H By Night Only Ticket
Sun, 10 Mar, 10:00 PM - 04:00 AM
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