★ S.A.S.H By Day ★ Pop Up ★ Watson's EQ ★ Shonky ★ Sunday 10th September ★
Event Description
★ S.A.S.H By Day ★ Pop Up ★ Watson's EQ ★ Shonky ★ Sunday 10th September ★
Not every day you get the opportunity… To host an artist like Shonky.. So it's best we do something to mark this buffoonery.. ★ S.A.S.H By Day ★ Pop Up ★ Watson’s EQ ★ We’re packing up all our purple noise makers, unloading them into the Entertainment Quarter’s Watson’s EQ and letting them sing at the top of their lungs… because this means no noise restrictions. We’re taking the longest leg of the Apollonia trio and commandeering the courtyard at Watson’s EQ to unleash the chonk that only Shonk can donk. On the warm up, slow roast duties, slinging the low slung knee bender and hip extensors; King Kerry and Sir Sun Archive in b2b format before the Shonk When you need someone to take care of the serious business, the proper jobs, the dirty work, there’s only one man to call. He unfortunately wasn’t available, so in lieu we’ve enlisted the help of record collecta, dance floor directa and all-time selecta Harrison Saul to come and throw down something seriously staunch to get us all in the mood for the glorious haunch. Having finally packed up ship and left the northern coast for more greener pastures down here in Sydney, Yanez is swinging on in to spin discs under the early afternoon sun.
★★ S.A.S.H By Day ★★ ★★ Shonky ★★ https://soundcloud.com/user-576421441 ★ Kerry Wallace ★ https://soundcloud.com/kerrywallace ★ Sun Archive ★ https://soundcloud.com/sunarchive ★ Harrison Saul ★ https://soundcloud.com/harrisonsaul ★ Yanez ★ https://soundcloud.com/michael-yanez
★ S.A.S.H by Day ★ Pop Up ★ 10th September 2pm till 10pm
Watson’s EQ The Entertainment Quarter, 1 Bent St, Moore Park NSW 2021
General Admission
Fri, 25 Aug, 12:25 PM - 09:00 PM
Watson's EQ
Final Release
A$25.00 + BF
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