S.A.S.H Presents ╬ FIX MY SINK ╬ Apprentices ╬ Sat 1st July
Event Description
╬ FIX MY SINK ╬ Apprentices ╬ ╚═══╩═══╝ ╚═══╩═══╝ After finally cracking the shits (pun very much intended) with the perilous plumbing down at the perforated, porous and leaky Civic Underground we decided to ply our trade elsewhere. Plumbers and apprentices everywhere can now enjoy their new workshop on the first floor of the Riley Hotel. Fully kitted out with perfect PVC and shiny new fittings, there’s ne’er a leak in sight. Just like our old stomping ground, The Riley Hotel is bursting with the same Klipsch sound that Civic is so appreciated for and operated by the same friendly faces. First into the first-floor plumber’s playground, Kalen makes his debut for us, a true appreciation of stripped back house music has led him down the righteous path and we’re excited to see what tools he has in his belt. Looking after the next dink in the sink, Lachie Cranch makes a rare appearance without his brother from another mother Blake to throw down in Sydney town. Following the foreman’s orders, Catanni is looking after logistics, driving parts all the way up from Canberra to ensure there’s no repeat leaks. Dallas will be doing all of the final checks on the dancefloor to bring our messy, muggy and moistened Riley Hotel to a close. All of these young plumbers continue to impress us with their deep and dubby house melodies so we’ve entrusted them to rig up the Riley and ensure there are no more plumbing disasters. We think 4 apprentices should be enough to fix this sink. So as always, bring a spare pair of shoes and socks and maybe a toolbox and we’ll provide the rest. See you in the underground xx ╔ Dallas https://soundcloud.com/user-202880633 ╔ Catanni https://soundcloud.com/catanni ╔ Lachie Cranch https://soundcloud.com/lachiecranch ╔ Kalen https://soundcloud.com/erenkalender
10pm - Late 25th of March Tickets $20 + BF
The Riley Hotel 77 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, 2010
General Plumber
Wed, 07 Jun, 02:00 PM - 02:00 AM
The Riley Hotel
Final Release
A$20.00 + BF
Sale Ended
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