S.A.S.H Presents - Fix My Sink x Four On The Floor - Myndgame - Sat 14th Oct
Event Description
╬ FIX MY SINK ╬ Four on the Floor ╬ Myndgame ╬ 14th October ╬ ╚═══╩═════╝╚═══╩═══════╝╚══╩═══╝╚══════╩═══╝ We here at FMS! Pty Ltd strongly believe in sharing the load. Good workmanship is the result of good communication and good communication and sometimes you just need to subcontract out some work to get the job done. So we’ve peered over the construction fence, behind the scrim and seen the blokes from Four on the Floor doing fook all. On lunch break, again, at 10am, sharing their mum’s packed lunch and comparing the size of their tools… all the gear and no idea. So we’ve called them up, and put them to work. Show them how it's done. ╔ Myndgame https://soundcloud.com/user-726840534 ╔ Kennedy St. https://soundcloud.com/kennedy_st ╔ Harry Benn https://soundcloud.com/harrybenn ╔DeJar https://soundcloud.com/deestep
10pm - Late 14th of October Tickets $20 + BF
Civic Underground 388 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
General Plumber
Sat, 14 Oct, 05:00 PM - 03:00 AM
The Civic Hotel
Final Release
A$20.00 + BF
Sale Ended
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